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I have missed now a couple of weeks since my last post here. I really enjoyed posting out my thoughts and tips here at WordPress. Hopefully, the one that follows my post here will follow also my new blog site. I’m transferring this blog to a new blog platform, my choice is blogger, because I can’t afford to buy any domain name. Have a nice day


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5 Ways To Handle Stress In Our Life


The anxious feeling that, exam is tomorrow and you’re not been able to study, a deadline of presentation is nearing and your just begin to start making it and, lastly, your late on your job because of heavy traffic, that my friend is called “stress”.

If you’re not feeling any stress in your life, I think you’re not human at all, because it is the part in our everyday life. Stress maybe good for our health or maybe it will have a negative impact, but it will depends on how we going to deal it.

As for the positive side of stress, it will result to certain accomplishment that have resulting in effort to conquer stress. This positive accomplishment might be in the form of job promotion, passing the exam and a wedding.

Also, we must not forget that stress have other side on it, if we will not deal it immediately, stress might affect also our personality and the way we age. The negative side of stress might have a long term impact to our self.

According to some studies, continual stress could cause our brain to age rapidly and also it will take a toll on our body.

Sounds scary right? Nahh, the only problem here is that, how you will cope with stress?

If you boil it down, you need to move from a stressed-state to a feel-good state as early and as often as you can.

Here are the 5 ways to dump the stress:

  1. Exercise


Exercising greatly helps in relieving the stress and anti-aging weapon. When doing an exercise, Endorphins will be release which will make you feel better.

By just doing a simple walking or going to a gym, will allows you step away from the problem, or even better a workable solution. Finding a solution, will make you more in control, than a victim


  1. Laughing


That’s right laughing, remember on what you feel after you make a laugh, it feels like pretty good to yourself and even more you will feel relax.

Laughing helps you put things in prospective, especially negative things you may have worried about to the point where they were blown up to a disproportionate level of stress.

Making a jokes will start a laugh that eventually help to diffuse the feeling of stress.


  1. Make the things that feels good on yourself into a habit as often


This things include a dinner with your family in a restaurant, going out for movies, going out with friends after work ,or going to have full body massage, this simple things will make your mind remove the stress in just couple of hours, by then you will feel more relax and feels better.


  1. Have a vacation


Having a vacation, is one of the best things to do in coping with stress, this is the time where your mind is away from any stressor and also a time to recharge.

Go to a place where you want to go, where you can find some peace on mind and where you can relax.


Stress is part of our life, no matter what we do, we cannot remove it in our body. Indeed, stress is our natural response to danger, only you or me could have find a ways that will have a benefits on our body.


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5 Important tips to have successful Relationship


Having a relationship with opposite sex, is one of the need that every people must have in their entire life. Relationship could determine yourself, on how you going to treat others or having a connection with one another that you may not have to other person. Relationship is a tall task that we people are going to maintain, in order for the relationship to be successful. The hardest part on having a relationship is the maintenance part, where all the love, trust and respect must be there every day.

Here are some tips to have healthy relationship everyday:


  1. Love him/her everyday


Love is the most important feeling, in having a relationship. Without love, trust and respect will not exist in relationship, you will feel just he/she just a normal person, nothing special. Every relationship must have love, because you will think on every action you made, if it will hurt the feelings of partner or not.


  1. Trust and respect him/her completely


This two is a must in yourself, because it will set the path of relationship with your partner. Without trust and respect, you will become suspicious on his/her action every day and it create the hate that will destroy the relationship you have with your partner.


  1. Talk everyday on different topic


Talking with your partner will create a comforting feelings that relationship needs. By just talking to each other, you are encouraging your partner to tell on what he/ she feels on the different area on the relationship or about the happening in his/her work. Both of you will have comfortable feelings.


  1. Appreciate him/her in the success he/she has


Appreciation could be the least thing we do than the previous two. But it is important as the two, because it will encourage your partner to do his/her best in the work or whatever he/she do for the best on your relationship. Appreciate him/her it will have huge impact in having a healthy relationship.


  1. Have time on your partner


Time could be the greatest cause in having a failure to relationship. We might forget to have time with our partner because of the things we do, such as work, business, etc. it is number one reason why many couple breaks up because they don’t have time for each other.



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5 Foods that are dangerous to our body

Here is list of the food, that are dangerous or need to be avoided in our diet:

  1. Soda

A bunch of soda cans on a white background

Could be the greatest drink, because almost people drink soda, it quench the thirst our body have. But beware on this drink, Soda is also known “sugar water”, why? Because main component of this drink is sugar and other high fructose syrup.

We may know that it contains carbonated water, and carbonated water helps to treat some abdominal problems. But Soda contains a small amount of it, meaning that it is more dangerous than helpful.

One of the drink, that make people to be obese because, of the sugar it contains, a lot of it.


  1. Processed Meat


This food consider dangerous because of the chemicals that put into the meats, in order for the meat to have long shelve life. Most of this chemicals consider to one main cause to develop cancer in the later years.

Also, it contains a lot of sodium and sugar, and we know too much in our body is dangerous.

Processed Meat are being added with fat for shelf life, and Trans-fat helps to raise the bad cholesterol and lowers the good cholesterol.


  1. Canned Foods

Food Banks Around The Country Continue To See Increase In Demand For Goods

Canned foods contains chemical called “Bisphenol”, is very dangerous because it is a plastic contaminants. Most canned food these days have a plastic coating inside the can to supposedly keep the food, vegetables, and fruits – fresh.

Also, canned foods contains preservatives, the most common preservative being use is the salt. A large amount of salt is used to prevent the food from rotting.


  1. Food that comes in a Fast Food Chain


Why I put this on the list, because we know that the food that are being serve in a fast food, are being cook with the use of cooking. And cooking oil are loaded trans-fat that will help to raise the bad cholesterol level in our body. And this bad cholesterol may cause a cardiovascular disease in the future.

Also, they added preservatives and artificial flavoring in the food to taste and prevent it from spoiling very early.

Only I can say is that, you must learn to cook the food, in that such way, you’re guaranteed that the food is safe and nutritious.


  1. Margarine


Margarine are loaded with trans -fat, this type of fat are the one helps to increase the bad cholesterol in our body, lowers the good, promotes clotting and also it damages blood vessel.

Also, it contains a lot of calories per table spoon meaning that it will increase your waistline overtime, if consume more often.





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Which should be the best Healthy Tip? Balanced Diet or Exercise Daily


For you all, reading this post it maybe be complete nonsense in comparing this two tips, because you may think that both are in list or probably the two best tips in attaining good health. You may think that I am completely lost my mind in comparing this two. But one of this tips, will completely hold other tips or without this tip, others are useless.


For me the best Healthy tip should be the Balanced Diet. Because, diet is the most important aspect in our survival. Food that we have taken will reflect on our body appearance. Also, foods contains the necessary nutrients that body needs in us to do the activities of daily living (ADL). A Diet that contains of high fat, high cholesterol, or maybe high sodium are no good for our body. This types of diet will affect our body in the later years. We may develop some diseases such cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other disease related to diet.

Having a balance diet sometimes you need discipline to fulfill it, because yourself will be away from those delicious food such burgers, fries, cakes, etc. in order for you to eat delicious food, you must be creative in cooking or preparing the food.

But the main result if you have balance diet is that, you will have a high immune system, that will help your body to fight disease, you will have good looking body; this will result due to low fat diet you have and you will live longer than other people.


That’s my reason why I choose Balance Diet is best Healthy Tip..What’s Yours?


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5 Things to impress the interviewer during job application


Job is one of the important thing earn money. Money means survival, it is need to buy foods for daily need of our body, buy house or shelter and other necessities we need. Other means of earning money thru business, but business requires first money.

Today, getting job requires more than just a skill, sometimes it needs more education. But there are things that will help you to have an edge to other applicants. Impressing the interviewer is far more difficult than getting the job.

The list of things to do to impress the interviewer:


  1. Be early on job interview


Time means productivity, most company requires there employees to be on time. So if you’re applying for a job, impress your future boss with your punctuality. At least, arrive 30 minutes prior to the job interview.


  1. Be well-groomed


One of the most important thing in setting an impression by the interviewer, is when they will see that the applicant is well-groomed (where they dress related to the job they are applying for). By just simply doing this, it may separate yourself from other applicant.


  1. At least familiarize the mission and vision of the company that your applying for


Some interviewers will ask about their company’s vision or mission. This help them to see the applicant on how he/she knowledgeable about the company he/she applying for. Also, it will give the applicant an extra plus that will make him/her separate from the other applicant for the job.


  1. Bring the necessary documents


Your documents is far the most important thing that an applicant is needed to secure the job the/she applying for. Especially, when it is first time of the applicant to apply for job. Documents will tell about yourself, the previous job you have, and the background education. It will tell the interviewer if the applicant is the right person for the job.


5. Make a simple greeting to the interviewer

A simple could mean a lot to the applicant, why? because it will make an impression that the applicant is respectful even though , the interviewer don’t know him/her. Also, it will provide the applicant a extra plus.





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